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Event Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a fire permit for my tent? 2017-06-01T15:29:39+00:00

Tents / canopies 20′ x 20′ or larger may require a fire permit. All tent permits are the responsibility of the renter. Please check with your local fire department to determine if a tent / temporary membrane structure permit is needed for your tent / canopy size. Front Range Event Rental will provide manufacturer fire retardant letters to our clients upon request.

What if I have an after-hours situation with my items? 2014-12-23T23:50:39+00:00

In the event that you have a non-emergency after-hours issue or question about your rental items, please call our general phone line and listen to the recording for a listing of after-hours contact phone numbers. If the situation is an emergency that requires police or fire assistance, please call 911.

Are there types of damage to linens that will result in replacement charges being assessed? 2014-12-23T23:51:19+00:00

Yes, there are a few situations that will cause permanent damage to our linens besides burn holes and mildew. Some examples are permanent marker (all colors), staples, pins, bingo markers and many adhesive products such as tape. If using tape, we suggest you purchase two-sided fabric tape from your local fabric store.

What if wet linens are placed in the provided linen bag at the conclusion of our event? 2014-12-23T23:48:56+00:00

There is a high probability that mildew will grow. If linens are returned with mildew, replacement charges will be assessed. To avoid this, be sure all linens/napkins are completely dry prior to placing in the provided linen bag.

Do I have to clean the plates / flatware / linens after I use them? 2014-12-23T23:48:09+00:00

No. If possible, please rinse or scrape off the plates and silverware prior to return, but they do not need to be cleaned. A linen bag will be provided for used/dirty linens and we ask for them to be dry and shaken free of food before putting them into the bag.

Are there any additional fees for returning linens with wax or burn holes? 2014-12-23T23:47:28+00:00

Yes. A wax removal fee is assessed to all linens that are returned with wax. We recommend using dripless or mechanical candles to avoid this situation. Replacement charges will be assessed for all linens returned with burn holes, tears or excessive wax.

What if I don’t use some of my rental items? 2017-01-11T21:18:08+00:00

All items that leave FRER, whether by delivery or personal pick-up are considered rented whether the renter chooses to use the equipment or not. No credit or refund is given for unused rental equipment.

Is the Damage Waiver refundable if all items are returned in good condition? 2014-12-23T23:45:54+00:00

No. The damage waiver is not refundable. You are welcome to decline the damage waiver and then the damage waiver will be removed. If the damage waiver is declined, you the renter, are now responsible for repair or replacement costs should any item be damaged for any reason.

What happens when something gets broken? 2014-12-23T23:45:21+00:00

Our renters have the option to accept or decline a damage waiver that covers damage to the items short of negligence or misuse. Please call or email us for further clarification.

How do I determine what size of dance floor I need? 2014-12-23T23:44:21+00:00

The general guideline is to estimate 25% of your guests dancing at a given time. You know your friends and family best so you may desire a smaller or larger dance floor than the suggested guideline.

How many glasses do I need for my cocktail party? 2014-12-23T23:43:37+00:00

Our consultants will ask you questions regarding types of beverages served, length of the party, and time of day to help you determine the proper mix of glassware for your event. Another great resource is your caterer or bartender.

How can I enhance the appearance of my buffet? 2014-12-23T23:43:08+00:00

We recommend using floor length linens with an overlay as an accent to improve the look of a buffet. Trays and vases at different heights will also help to create depth and excitement.

How do I know what size of tent I need for my event? 2014-12-23T23:42:31+00:00

Our experienced staff is available to help determine your tent rental needs by consulting with you and asking questions that will help us to suggest the most appropriate size. Site checks are also available upon request to determine the available space for a tent at your event location.

Do you have a minimum order requirement for any of your items? 2014-12-23T23:41:33+00:00

No. Our large inventory enables us to accommodate requests ranging from a single item order to large event orders.

When is the final payment due? 2014-12-23T23:40:39+00:00

Your remaining balance (total less deposit) is due the day of delivery or customer-pick up date

What is your cancellation policy? 2014-12-23T23:39:07+00:00

Deposits on items cancelled 30 days or more before delivery or customer pick-up date will be refunded in full. After that date, deleted items will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee. Tents/canopies cancelled within 10 days of the event and items cancelled the day of delivery/customer pick-up are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

Is my deposit refundable? 2014-12-23T23:32:24+00:00

Please see the answer to Cancellation Policy question below.

Do I need to put down a deposit to reserve items? 2014-12-23T23:31:53+00:00

Yes, upon reservation we require a 25% deposit that applies to your grand total. This ensures that the items will be held for your event.

How far in advance do I need to reserve my items? 2014-12-23T23:31:17+00:00

Once you know your needs, we strongly recommend reserving the items to ensure availability for your event. Final item counts can always be adjusted up to three days prior to delivery or pick up without penalty.

Do I/we need an appointment to visit the showroom? 2014-12-23T23:30:29+00:00

Appointments are not necessary to visit the showroom, however, they are welcomed in order to provide phone coverage to offer you our full attention.

What are your Showroom Hours? 2017-10-16T22:22:31+00:00

Summer Showroom Hours:
Monday – Friday:  8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Winter Showroom Hours (beginning Mon Oct 23, 2017):

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM- 4:30 PM

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Do you have a showroom? 2017-01-11T21:18:08+00:00

Yes. We encourage customer visits to view our available inventory and our collection of event photographs. This proves to be extremely helpful when making decisions such as choosing/matching linen colors, selecting centerpiece items, etc. FRER can also provide customers with a formal quote to assist in the planning process. We highly suggest you bring in linen swatches or any personal linens you will be using to match or find the perfect color combination.

Do you deliver rental items or do I have to pick them up? 2014-12-23T23:27:58+00:00

Both options are available. Please contact us for more information regarding delivery fees within our service area.

My event is in another state/out of your delivery range. Can I still rent items? 2014-12-23T23:26:55+00:00

Customers may pick-up and transport virtually all of our items to any event location themselves. Some items are exempt from customer pick up, such as our Frame and Pole tents which must be installed by our staff due to safety reasons. Canopy or Pop-Up style tents are available for customer pick-up. Please consult with our Event Coordinators as to which items are delivery only.

What areas of Colorado do you serve? 2014-12-23T23:26:22+00:00

Front Range Event Rental serves Northern Colorado including places such as Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Berthoud, Greeley, and Estes Park.